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Into Space 2 Game

into space 2   Into Space 2 is the second installment of the same-named rocket launching game. After a successful launch of the rocket to the Moon, there is a new goal to achieve - Mars. Your aim in Into Space 2 is quite simple: launch your rocket, pick up bonuses to earn money, buy upgrades to achieve new heights. Use the keyboard to control your rocket: A, D or left and right keys to turn it left or right, S or down key to turn off the engine. In the game you will do need to change course of your rocket to avoid collisions with different flying object that will damage the hull, to escape lightning strikes that will turn off the engine and do damage and to hit different bonuses that will help you take new heights.


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Into Space

About Into Space Into Space is a humorous upgrade game made by BabarianGames. Aim of the game is to launch a rocket to space in the briefest period of times possible. Control the enemy with mouse or arrow keys and utilize accumulated money to improve your skyrocket. Choice 1: Left/Right = Proceed = Activate Boosters Down = Turn Off Engine Choice 2: Processor = Proceed Click = Activate Boosters Roll on the engine to turn off it. Establish your rocket into space, collecting money and power-ups across the way–but look out for lightning and other barriers that can dash your fantasies of breaking through the air!